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North Shore Lodge--SW 32-3N-33W (Hwy US 34)Potthoff-S --Harold & Pam Potthoff SE 34-3N-34W

Trail City

Blanche—Blanche Cemetery SW 5-8N-36W (343 Ave 749Rd)
Potthoff-N --Harold & Pam Potthoff NE 34-3N-34W (Rd 358)
Kenneth Hamm NE 22-5N-35W (Hwy US 6)
Chase County Museum, SE 21-6N-39W Broadway St,

Champion, NE Skelton—Skelton Family NE 30-7N-35W (740 Rd)
Wheeler-- Wes Wheeler NW 30-6N-35W (348 Ave)
Rock Corral– Maddux Ranch NW 10-7N-38W (Hwy 61)
Pribbeno-- Wine Glass Ranch NW 9-8N-38W (749 Rd)
Log Saloon– Maddux Ranch E 1⁄2 14-7N-35W (347 Ave)
O’Neil– Shannon & Sandy O’Neil SW 6N-35W (348 Ave 743 Rd)
Large– Large Cattle Co NE 15-8N-35W (743 Rd)
Osler– John & Joan Osler NE 9-8N-36W (345 Ave)
Lee– Jim Lee and Family NE 31-9N-36W
Ham—Don & Norma Ham NE 16-9N-38W (Mile post 58 Hwy 61)
Tri-Trails Park—Tri-Trails Park NE 18-13N-39W (Rd West 80 & Lawrence) 



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