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Option A (12-14 hours) . The only variation is in the number of hours. Option B (9-11 hours) . Option A (12-14 hours) . Option C (15-16 hours) . Option A (12-14 hours) . Option D (15-16 hours) . Option E (12-14 hours) . Option F (15-16 hours) . The credit for this minor is covered in Math Option B . Religion Minor: 56 hours (18 credits), or 72 hours (24 credits). Required Religious Studies courses: Religious Studies 66 (18 hours), or Religious Studies 66-69 (18 hours) . Religion Minor 66-69 hours: B.S. Minor must be completed before degree completion So the Credit would be 3.5 hours of Engineering - Waukesha Engineering. 2.5 hours of Management - Menomonee Falls Managment. 10.5 hours of Religion. 10 hours of Mathematics. Is there a better way to do this? Do I have to meet with the department to go over this? Am I understanding how all the different requirements work? A: Let me answer the question (for the sake of clarity), not the homework. The standard is to register all the courses you'll take in one semester in one college. For Engineering, the standard would be Waukesha Engineering College and for the other colleges it's Menomonee Falls College. There are however a couple of alternatives: Some colleges have one of their own (e.g. Waukesha's) and several others (e.g. the one in Milwaukee) belong to another. In this case you could register at both colleges (you'll take courses at both) and "trade credits", which means that you'll register the same courses (the same one) at both colleges but you'll only receive a credit at one (the one you take courses at). For example, if you take courses at Waukesha Engineering College and one at Milwaukee, you will have 18 hours of Waukesha Engineering credits and 18 hours of Milwaukee credits. The other option would be to take the courses at the schools you are going to attend, no matter if they belong to the same college or not. In this case, you'll




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CrackScience66Gdmath9 bernkan

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